About Us


The Nigerian Navy Hydrographic School (NNHS) was established in 1981 for the purpose of developing manpower for the Nigerian Navy Hydrographic Department (NNHD), which is constitutionally saddled with the responsibility of charting the Nigerian maritime space. It started as a single classroom at the Nigerian Navy Ship QUORRA, Apapa, Lagos and was conceived as a training centre for Basic Hydrography (CAT B) for officers and Survey Recorder classes I, II and III training for ratings. The School was however relocated to its present location in Borikiri, Rivers State in October 1984 owing to the rising intake of NNHD personnel. The present location of the NNHS was formerly the operating base for the International Hydrographic Company (IHC) Limited and subsequently DECCA West Africa Survey. .  


To train hydrographers in line with the International Hydrographic Organization standards of competence in order to promote safety of navigation and Nigerian Navy operational effectiveness.



The NNHS has, since inception, conducted only Survey Recorder Classes III and II (SRIII and SRII) courses, which are introductory and Intermediary courses respectively for ratings. In order to commence Cat “B” training, the School, through the Office of the Hydrographer of the Nigerian Navy initiated the process for IHO accreditation in 2016. The process led to the visit of the IHO accreditation verification team to NNHS from 23-23 March 2017. The outcome of the visit was the approval, by the Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS), for the commencement of the Cat “B” course for Nigerian Navy (NN) officers on 12 September 2018 preparatory to accreditation. Also, the CNS approved the commencement of Survey Recorder Class I (SRI) course. The SRI course is scheduled to commence in January 2019. Furthermore, the approval to commence the 2 courses also authorized the affiliation of NNHS to the Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN), Ibuzo Delta State from whence NNHS would pool guest lecturers in specialized aspects of NNHS courses. ADUN is scheduled to commence its first academic session in 2018/2019. Prior to the commencement of the Cat “B” course, NNHD personnel were routinely nominated to undertake both the Cat “B” and Cat “A” courses in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America amongst other International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) member countries. Arising from the field experiences of NN officers on the Cat “B” overseas course, NNHS introduced the ‘Pre-Basic H’ course for NNHD officers in 2017. The ‘Pre-Basic H’ course was necessitated by the need for NNHD officers, who are often without hydrographic practice background, to be introduced to hydrographic practices before departing for training overseas in order to equip them with basic hydrographic practice knowledge. The School has trained over 200 ratings in SR III and II as well as 5 officers in ‘Pre-Basic H’ till date. .